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Enterprise Resource Planning


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Course Requirements

  • Extensive technical knowledge about SAP's services.
  • The ability to explain technical information in a clear and simple manner.
  • Good negotiating skills.
  • A strong understanding of business.
  • Team working and team management experience.
  • Good project management skills.
  • Good organisation and problem-solving skills.

Course Description

Enterprise overview and creation with cross module overview 

  • Overview of Enterprise structure and its relationship with MM and FI view 
  • Transaction process and its relation ship 
  • Relation between Fi and SD 
  • Creation of org structures in Sales area and its corresponding units 

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Course Outcomes

Sales order creation and understand the business needs and information process and its relation 

  • Sales order processing from the SAP point of view 
  • Information process in sales view: Where and how the sales order is being processed 
  • Understand and create Business partners and master data 
  • Automatic information process in sales view: e.g. : plants 
  • Exploring business process in sales order: changes to sales order docs 
  • Understand the sales process blocks 

The behavior and control of sales docs with sales doc types 

  • The business objectives and its importance 
  • Function and process in controlling and customizing sales doc types 
  • Business process in sales and its functions 
  • Phases in sales and its doc category types and how to control sales doc types 
  • Doc types functions 
  • Customizing doc types for sales process and assigning to specific sales areas 
  • Process and functions and customizing of the sales doc types 
  • Sales doc types and its comparison 

Modifying the sales doc types with item category according to the business needs 

  • Key Process in determining and customizing the item categories and its examples and its purpose. 
  • Item category functionality overview, and variation, and its outcome 
  • Creating of Item category and linking them to customized sales doc types 
  • Item Categories and item Category Determination 
  • BOM : Bills of materials in sales doc and its purpose in sales process 

• How to create and process with different functionality and its rules Sales document and item schedule control 

  • The nature of the doc type and its categories: schedule line and its functionality 
  • Exploring schedule line categories 
  • The process and functions in creating and linking schedule line categories to sales 

doc types 

The flow of screens in sales and data transformation from doc type to doc type 

  • Understanding of doc flow and completion status of the doc process 
  • Copying control in Sales docs and its usage 

Special Business sales process and its transaction 

  • Order types, output types, and how delivery is planned if certain goods are to be free or priced 
  • Consignments: business process and its various special issues in business process 
  • The nature of the order type and the business requirements. Fill-up, pick-up, issues, billing 

Document process in Incompletion 

  • What are the impacts of incompletion rule and its behavior in sales docs 
  • How to customizing the incompletion for a given sales doc 
  • Controlling the Incompletion log 
  • At what level it is used and how 

What and who are business partners and its determination 

  • How to configure the business partners and its business needs. 
  • Partner functions and nature of relation ship 
  • Partners in sales process 
  • Customers Master and Account Group 
  • Role of partner function per account groups 
  • Partner determination and its procedures 
  • Partner determination for sales docs 

Outline agreements and its overview 

  • Understanding of outline agreements 
  • Sales doc types for different outline agreements 
  • How to schedule outline agreement 
  • Quantity contract 
  • Messages about open outline agreements 
  • How the data is activated for contracts; and how to determine the dates for these kind of contract agreements 
  • Creation of Material Determination Master Record 
  • Procedure in condition technique listing and exclusion 
  • Hands on material determination and product selection and material Listing and 

material Exclusion 

Free goods and its sales process 

  • Understanding business process and needs in free goods concept overview 
  • Exploring free goods and customizing free goods 
  • Hands on free goods process. Condition technique, free goods master data, free goods calculation rule 
  • Enjoy SAP Reward: Sales Scenarios. Test your skills 

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