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The owner/ GURU / cisco master Mr. Hariprasanna will entiltle himself that he worked for 5 years in Industries but the truth is he worked in CS* for 3 months and he ran away. He completed CCIE - Security in 3- 4 months under NH, Bangalore and he failed his exam. Then he joined as a Trainer and he completed his CCIE. Its good that atleast he have 3 months industrial experience. Later on he decided to start his own firm (its good) but he claimed to NH students that he is the best trainer and without him NH will be shut down and he concentrated more on South students. He initially taken 20 guys out from NH and he told those guys to get back thier money form NH. As according to his plan everything went successfully but on the same time he and his brother had done Bank fraud under the name of NH.

Website Link : www.p2gtecch.com

Course Description

Course Description